I am studying in "gain switch", which is a semiconductor and makes photon pulse of the order of picoseconds from electrical rectangular or sinusoidal current. Its applications are micro-machining, femtochemistry and imaging.

High school days

I studied in Private Kaisei High School, Tokyo, Japan. I met a good physics teacher (and also my home room teacher) there, and I studied observation and logics relation in physics and its interest.

In University

I majored in applied physics at the Faculty of Engineering, Waseda Univ and learned elementary physics, mathematics etc.

Komatsu Lab and graduation thesis

My first experience as researcher is at Komatsu Lab , where I learned Optics

List of words what I am interested to or want to learn about

Gain-Switching / Laser / Optical Communication / Skiing / Android / Java / Perl / 001HT / AGILE / subversion / git / trac / redmine / AppEngine / HTML5 / CSS3 / JQuery mobile / JQuery / AJAX / RHCP / Moon / Oil / Energy / nuclear / Quantum Information

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